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Fancy a FREE Boiler Service???

Recommend a friend or family member for a boiler service and get yours free.

Or why not split the cost and each pay half price?

Terms and conditions

  • Both boiler services must be carried out within 2 weeks of each other.
  • The referred person must have their service first and pay full price (£70 + VAT) before the free service is carried out.
  • If you choose the half price option then payment will be invoiced to you both at £35 + VAT
  • If either of you cancel your service, full price will apply to the serviced boiler.

LPG v Oil

When you don’t have the option of mains gas, you are left with Oil or LPG.  We are registered Calor Gas installers and are also Grant G1 boiler approved.  We can take you through the options:

  • LPG v Oil
  • look at your situation, which is safer to have
  • what space you have for tank installation (do you want a tank or bottles)
  • the pros and cons of each fuel/boilers and what would work best for you
  • what will work best with your current radiators/heating system
  • the costs (both for installation and running/repairs in the years to come)
  • do you need the towel rails to run on the heating system in the winter but on electric in the summer?

In addition to the boiler we will also assess your whole heating system and give advice on how to get the maximum heat for the minimum cost.

So, if you are thinking of renewing your boiler and need advice call us to discuss – 01647 61062 for a free, no nonsense quote.

Consumers continue to benefit from oil price plunge

  • Heating oil prices have fallen by 10% since 1 January on top of 29% drop in 2015
  • UK’s 1.4 million oil heated households saving hundreds of pounds on annual fuel bills
  • As cost remains key driving force, most consumers will stick with oil
  • Government must urgently re-think rural heat strategy in light of oil price collapse

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