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Biasi Boilers – Installation and Repairs

Biasi is an Italian company formed by Mr. Leopoldo Biasi in the 1930s in, Pordenone Italy.

Mr Biasi wanted to generate comfort through heating the home. In the 1940s he opened a facility to manufacture residential boilers.

The production facility in Pordenone Italy manufactures a wide range of residential boilers that serve no less than 40 markets across the globe.

Naturally, Biasi products fully comply with all regulations, official standards and directives. The company is also a member of Gas Safe, HHIC and the EST.

I have been installing these boilers for over 10 years and I have one in my own home.

How would I sum-up Biasi Boilers?

“The perfect boiler, without a named badge”

So, what does that mean?

These Biasi boilers are truly top quality, and that is what you pay for.

What you don’t pay for is a heavily marketed name and badge. But that’s not all

Biasi boilers are manufactured from the finest materials and to the highest spec and quality, they include:

  • Highly advanced domestic boilers, yet uncomplicated
  • Advanced technology incorporated
  • Intelligent gas boiler technology
  • Easy to install, maintain and service
  • Reliability is second to none
  • Very energy efficient
  • Designed to be combined with solar power
  • 6 year labour and parts warranty

And the 3 parts you’ll really love

  • The cost of the Biasi boiler is extremely good value for your money
  • Inexpensive compared to heavily marketed boilers
  • Parts are also inexpensive compared to badged boilers

MHP Mack Heating and Plumbing are a Pro-fit installer of Biasi boilers, which means that we have attended their UK factory for in-depth product training.

If you’re thinking of replacing your old boiler, call us on 01647 61062 and we will explain all about Biasi boilers and the benefits in more depth, or visit and take a look at their web site for full details.

Biasi Boilers Comfort Generation for you and your family

Please be aware we also experienced with other boilers including LPG boilers.