Domestic Gas & Oil Boiler Break-down & Repair

Why do boilers, taps, showers, fires and cookers break down? All heating and plumbing appliances and components have moving parts. When we use all these things on a daily bases the moving parts wear.

Much like a car, the glass windows don’t wear because they don’t move, but the tyres and the engine do wear because they are moving or have moving components. So all appliances and plumbing components like shower valves and toilet flushing systems will break down eventually. When this happens, it’s very inconvenient and you don’t have the use of that item until it’s fixed.

Mack Heating and Pumbing are dedicated to keeping all appliances and plumbing components working, so we have built up an excellent network of suppliers which allows us to have the parts we need very quickly.

We carry a van stock of commonly used parts and have a store which allows us to hold a further range of parts. We are very proud of the fact that we can get 95% of all parts and components, older parts can take a little longer but it does mean the appliance does not need to be replaced.

We provide a 24 hour break down service for business and homes where there is a “must have” need for heating and hot water, as well as, for leaks and the hire of temporary hearing and hot water.